Air Travel. Transformed.
We'll be back soon to help you fly in with confidence. Read on to find out what we've been up to, and how we're changing the way you fly...
A new era of safe air travel is here
The world slowed down.
So we sped up.
We've been busy, investing in our technology and working with regulators to create a totally contactless airport journey - accessible to more people than ever before.
We bring the airport to you
We're making air travel contact and bag-free.
From doorstep to destination.
Book a time slot that works for you. We do identity checks, reservation checks, and seal your bags on your doorstep in a few short minutes. That's it. See you on the other side!
Deliver your bags to the hotel
Your bags are checked-in for your flight, and we send you digital IATA receipts. After landing, we clear them through Customs, and deliver them to your hotel within four hours.
And bring them home again
When it's time to go home, we do it all over again. No dragging bags around, no airport queues, no waiting at the carousel. We provide a seamless, pain-free return home!
We have several new partner announcements coming soon. Airlines are looking to us to help get their passengers safely and seamlessly through the airport.
Incredible new features
New Partners
Waiting for your bags at the carousel and lugging them all the way home isn't the nicest way to end a trip. Our cutting edge Customs e-Declarations are making that a thing of the past.
Enhanced Arrivals Service
Following the launch of our Door-to-Door service with American Airlines, we'll soon be extending this service to new routes and new airline partners.
Door-to-Door delivery
We're embedding the very latest technology to make the collection process even faster, and totally contact-free.
Digital identity checks
will make your journey even smoother
Born in London.
Our next international airport goes live in 2021. And we've got plenty more where that came from.
Raised abroad.
AirPortr is getting
Sometimes you need to slow down in order to speed up. This year has given us an opportunity to do just that. Whilst services haven't been available, we've been investing heavily in our product throughout 2020.

We will be introducing some exciting changes which are designed to further enhance your travel experience next time you fly, whilst making Airportr available to you in more locations and on more journey legs.
Helping you travel safely, easily, and with confidence.
Randel Darby
AirPortr Founder & CEO
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